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A general place to share your knowledge, rather than be asking questions. If you have a great educational resource, please post it here, or perhaps you have discovered a new trading indicator or strategy and want to discuss it with the community, then please do so here.

Please do not post questions on how to use features of 3commas, please direct those to the 3commas topic.

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If you are new to trading bots and trading, visit for some free courses and trading guidelines.

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Telegram & other useful resources

For those who do not know, there is a great Telegram channel called Traders Library with over 110,000 members. The channel is full of free downloadable books and resources about trading. No excuse not to educate yourself.

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These are some suggestions :)

  1. Manual safety order strategy and when a deal goes south how to recover
  2. Active Trading vs Passive Trading
  3. Grid Bots and Option Bots
  4. Building and fine tuning your own Bot settings
  5. 3Commas built-in bot deal... (More)