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Keiko Coin
Keiko Coin

Not an actual token or coin, but you can earn it here, and it can be converted into Crypto. Follow this topic and learn more about how to earn and convert Keiko Coin.

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Keiko Coin

Keiko Coin and how to earn them

This has not yet been fully established, but the general idea is to reward community contributors.

For example, we might post a question on how to best use 3Commas Grid Bots - this question will have a reward of Keiko... (More)

Chart Challenge

Since nobody got the last one, the $10 rolls-over, and made this easier with the inclusion of the months.
Prize or $20 worth of KeikoCoin (redeem to USDT)

You have until 18th Aug - 11am UTC. The first person to... (More)

Chart Challenge

Clearly I made the last one too easy, answered by @Toby within a few minutes.

So here goes - 10 USDT KeikoCoin equivalent to the first person who identifies the coin - before 10am UTC 10th Aug 2020. If no-one... (More)